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Bilal - Sometimes (Live)

[youtube width="600" height="355"][/youtube]This is another video from The Roots Jam night, Bilal did his thing and then hit some of those high notes to end it off. He had everyone grooving and that lighting was just perfect for his performance. We still have a few videos more from that night for you guys, so I hope you've enjoyed the videos we've been putting up so far!

The Roots The Jam NYC

WGM passed thru Highline ballroom last night and caught The Roots in The Jam, it was crazy and a true When Giants Meet mentality was going on that night. Roaming Giant (More on him later) gave me a SUPER late notice on this and I just had to go and document the beautiful music going on. I was/am dead tired last night and Momma Giant was the one saying for me to go, sooo I trekked down to 16th with my trusty bag o media. I honestly didn't know what to expect, The Roots bought people from Sierra Leone, Paris, and Philly to perform...surprise! People like Bilal, STS, and Freeway performed just to name a few.

Peep the pics, and the teaser video below. Pardon the distance my people, there was tons of folks there!

Roaming Giant never lies...