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3rd Day of a Seven Day Binge Question

Third Day of a Seven Day Binge by Marilyn Manson is kind of odd. I want to like it but not sure I can fully like his latest track. It's a weird mix of pop, rock and Manson's signature growl with reminders of Holywood but slightly fails to reach that absolute YES factor.

I still like his older stuff but not sure if I've grown with the Satans druggie-less image/sound, when the Antichrist Superstar left the building something died with it. Sure Mechanical Animals (glittery) had some charm, Holywood left a mark on me but I'm not sure where his music is heading nowadays since The Golden Age of Grotesque. I used to preach the word of MM and still defend him against those that think he's just a maniac spewing controversial words, I have a soft spot for M. Manson but the interested in the new stuff sort of died down a while ago. I wonder if an artist can reach the limit of re-invention within their own music? I say revert...

Continuations and Positive Beginnings

Photo by Randy Ortiz Well 2013 was a hell of a year, it had everything from the biggest government fears unfolding in the media, hacking, new additions to our family, realizations and society perhaps waking up a little bit more. Resolution planting won't be a focus here but more on thoughts as a whole and continuing to work on the path I chose for a positive life, working on projects and exploring the world a bit more.

Many have a focus on getting their life right or losing weight or being nicer for a new year but why not just do that daily and not because it's a new year? Getting your life right starts from within and not others, remember that when you try to blame others for your problems. I mean if you didn't lose those 10 pounds with last years resolution, what makes you think repeating yourself one more year will do it? Just eat healthier... diets don't work people. Be nice, it'll make their day and yours, Karma has a funny way of checkin' yo ass also when it's time also. There's nothing wrong with being a good person and you will perhaps plant a seed in someone's life that'll make them do something or help them realize the world isn't all bad.

When Giants Meet... where do I start. It's been a crazy and shocking amount of blog accomplishments that this site has had so far since launch but now it's time to focus on collaborations and personal projects for WGM. I have gone thru a wide range of thoughts and emotions on what it means to be a good blog and where this type of "industry" is going, I don't like it and rather bring something new instead of being just another blog. The music and thoughts will continue to flow but there will be a heavy focus on certain things that go beyond just a blog post. Anyone can blog and the majority of sites out there have proved this theory correct, what else can you do tho? Let's show em.

Here's to the continuation of positive mental growth, more country stamps on the passport and good people.

Wesley Wright x Sincere Vega's 'Forsaken'

Giant Florida fam Sincere Vega collaborated with the young and talented producer Wesley Wright on 'Forsaken', a personal letter to a young intellect about an earlier part in Vega's music career dealing with its intricacies also the beyond and who (she) controls it. As the dope smokey beat rides you get doubt, realization and wonder from Sincere, bringing him to different levels of thought and doubt. Besides the fact that it sounds good, you have someone sharing what can be the hardest realization an artist has to come to terms with, the rough rejection beginnings. Sincere Vega manages to get his finger on the music pulse and keeps bringing that good music for us, peace to Wesley Wright for crafting the sounds and setting the mood.

Thoughts On Recollect App

I have been using an app called Recollect by Redaranj to share some of the music that I'm playing here and there and just wanted to share it with you guys and also let you know my thoughts on it. On the surface it's a clean and well organized application to share and "collect" songs that you like/are playing/want to remember, but when it gets down to the actual normal flow of things it starts to stutter a bit. Off the bat you are greeted by an elegant interface that has you sharing your music easily via Recollect which sends them to your Twitter (piggybacks on your account) timeline, after finding the track or selecting what you are currently playing (only native iOS music player works from what I see) you are given a few options to type a message as well before tweeting it. Sometimes the app can be a little slow processing the final tweet and the song preview might not appear if it's a indie artist sometimes but that's expected. A very cool feature is that you can 'collect' a song which then goes into a virtual record crate (top right) that you can peruse, and others can look thru your shared songs in the same manner. Besides those few quirks and me wanting a G+ sharing option I like the app and can see the potential to become a favorite for many, it just needs a few more updates and it should be music sharing heaven.

You Get a Track and You Get A Track and You Get A Track!!!

Alright something's going on and even tho I benefit from it, I believe it hurts the music industry... Hip-Hop specifically. I have always felt that this genre has non-stop releases from the same artist and sometimes you barely have time to sit and appreciate what has been released already. Don't get me wrong, I love free music and those emails I get daily but sometimes you have to do a double take to see if the email is from that same person who sent something a few days ago. I understand the whole concept of staying in the loop and constant in the public eye amongst sites and peers, but if your going to be releasing tracks in such frequency why not just make an album/EP/mixtape out of it already? I personally think that artist would look more like they have their craft and presentation together, and not just someone that knows how to upload to hulkshare/mediafire or anything else the kids are using nowadays. Constant rotation is harder to come by and artists aren't necessarily making memorable music that stays with you after you listen to it, there are some yes... but few. Which was the last album you bought that stood out amongst the ones you currently listened to and no matter what keep going back? Mine is Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' I don't know if it's because they spread their album releases out a good time, or it's the precious appreciation I have for them not dousing me with tracks here and there until they can come out with an album. Yes comparing Radiohead to indie Hip-Hop artists isn't really fair but it relates in the sense that good music needs to be appreciated and if the artists believe that much in their skill as they say, they will compile the best and bring it forth... not one by one day, week after week but in a complete cohesive bundle of musical love. Also cover art... VERY important as I think it adds or takes away from the "vision" you all are trying to represent, a little more effort or actually paying someone to do it might just be worth it folks.