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Moombahton Massive IX EP

MBIX_CvrSchlachthofbronx, Sabo, and Nadastrom have just put together a 3 tracks piece to celebrate their 3 city (Washington DC, Brooklyn, Miami) and... it... bangs. Short and sweet at 9 minutes and some change but never underestimate the power of bass, this'll have you cranking the volume higher and higher as it plays. Below are the dates of their shows, enjoy!

Jan 22nd at U-Hall, Washington DC Jan 23rd at Output Club, Brooklyn, NY Jan 24th at Grand Central, Miami

PremRock and Willie Green Make Hip-Hop Shine

PremRock just off a European tour (self-booked!) has teamed up with Willie Green again for their first release on Isolated Wax, when heard it's easy to see what made the label snatch these guys up. One thing I've always liked about PremRock is his humility and skill as an emcee, a very personable and VERY talented emcee teaming up with the talented beatsmith Willie Green is a formula that's nothing short of success. Thru out the album there's that type of Hip-Hop which breeds followers, while Prem does his thing Willie Green paints a canvas full of drums, colors and rhythms that flow naturally and head-nod inducing on every track. That "Had To Be Me" track featuring C-Rayz Walz and Soul Khan is grimey as shit and it's fantastic, that's just one track from this 11 track album that is full of  fulfilling sounds. Same thing for "Kill Your Idols" which Prem flows about taking your own and hit the road to the right thing, love the beat as it reminds me of that 90's boom bap and 'Palo' music mixed together...WIN. An impressive list of features are also present and never take over the album, Has-Lo, Soul Khan, C-Rayz Walz, DJ Addikt, Mike Eagle, it still feels like Prem and Willie's album which is hard to see nowadays... they usually take over and the main artists become the featured! A great start on Isolated Wax and as a Hip-Hop album, PremRock and Willie Green's effort is impressive to say the least. I would advise you to purchase this with no worries of money wasted, unless you like the radio Pop-Hop that is...

For a sample and free download, listen to "Diary of a Dreamer" below

Purchase: iTunes

PremRock Shares His Travels

[youtube][/youtube]What was done this year by PremRock has to be one of the best solo discovery tours that I've seen an indie artist do for himself and his music. Traveling throughout the Eastern hemisphere he passed thru 17 cities and 9 countries during a 60 day solo tour, staying wherever the day (or night) found him and meeting an amazing variety of people along the way. I always have respect for someone that goes this far to see what is really out there and learns something from it all. Enjoy the video and experience. Peace my Giant!

Los Petardos! Yucan' Do It! Tour '11

Our favorite rockin hibaritos Los Petardos! are back in NYC this month, part of the Yucan' Do It (genius name) tour has several stops at Lit Lounge, D'Antigua, Texas Firehouse, and Don Pedro. If you did catch them during last year's LAMC now is your chance to experience the awesome Puertorican band that we are soo fond of. If you haven't checked out the 'Acabame' video, check it out after the jump. [vimeo 14412994 w=600]