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It's Comic Con Time Again!

Photo courtesy of WGMeetsIt's that time again my Giants, New York Comic Con (Oct. 11-14) is here! One of our favorite times of the year when we can sit back... err walk amongst our own and not one person there Bat(man) an eyelash to the amazing geekery. WGM will be attending and walking around with OG theOneCam of Woody Meme fame, we will be visiting some of our old and new friends there as well as taking shots around the place. Argonaut Resins (Booth #2479) will be there with his much-loved Tuttz series as well as Kings Of Atlantis and some new pieces. Stopping by Aaron Wood's (Booth #2907) and checking out some of his awesome propaganda art pieces, also Prince of Cats writer and artist Ronald Wimberly (Artists Alley P11). Anything Batman I'm looking forward to so that Batman - Death Comes To Gotham (Sun. 12:15-1:15PM) is a must visit, also theOneCam is ecstatic that Good Smile Company will also be there for the first time ever! Obviously there's more we are excited to see but that list is too long haha.

So if you guys are going to be around the 'Con, drop us a tweet (theOneCam Twitter) or comment below and let's geek the hell out n' build!

Choppin it up with Argonaut Resins

Yesterday part of our Creative Factor section in the American International Toy Fair was Argonaut Resins, I stopped by to talk it up a few with the man behind it all Eric Nocella Diaz. Having over 10 years of experience in the toy industry he's had a good amount of collaborations and has also started his own movement. Eric has worked with many artists big and small and now its Tuttz's time to stand tall, this is his own project that stars a sleek and slender cat named after King Tutankhamen's pet. It has a beautiful shape that lends itself well to any size made, I was asking him about a 4 or 5ft one! He also has the Kings of Atlantis Skulls series as well which there's a random glow in the dark one, they come in a mini crate box with a blind boxed magnet talisman.

We talked for a few about breaking away from other people's work and starting your own projects that you can honestly be proud of. He has created many colorways of the Tuttz series and has sold out of tons of places needless to say it's been going great for him. He also had on display some of his collabo work during recent years which also looked great and made me want to fully get into the resin and vinyl toy scene. Another awesome artist from Jersey doing his thing while collaborating along the way and possessing a great vision of artistic community similar to WGM. Be sure to check out his Argonaut Resins site and booth #4866 at this year's Toy Fair in the Javitz Center NYC (till this Wednesday) along with myself and theOneCam!