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Tesselate B6400 ED-IT DJ's

I can see a sea of B6400's jamming out to these ED-IT DJ's computing their latest and greatest blips as George and his Amazing Blue Dispensing Machine. paints the crowd. The little bugger measures 15cm / just under 6" tall and comes with his own setup to make the bass go bump. Limited to only 2 (damn you Tesselate) pieces... you better be fast to get this awesome resin come Tuesday 19th of March at 8pm (GMT UK time) when you visit his shop.


Some info on the series: The core ED-IT DJ's would struggle to put on a show without their trusty friends the B6400 series. Once confined to audio management of human concerts and internet broadcasts, these bots joined the ED-IT team and have put their skills to good use. From the very initial concept of a new show, through the to the final beat produced, B6400 are watching and tweaking via their expansive plethora of equipment.

They work closely with partner company Accex to develop new machines and push boundaries.

They are also partial to a good cheese burger.

Switch's 'Remanded' Stays Grimey

[youtube][/youtube] The UK homie Switch got em going and locking it down with his latest video for 'Remanded', part of Evil Twin Records (wassup Passion Hi-Fi!) and showcases that grimey sick flow. He will be releasing the Switch It Up On Em mixtape soon so keep an ear out for that on here as well. Peace to the Hip-Hop overseers overseas, namaste.

Blaspberry Sherbet Pressbot by Tesselate


The talented Tesselate has a custom piece for the upcoming NYC The Candy Coated Custom Show by Tenacious Toys on April 21st, he sent me a few awesome images to share with you guys. Let's just say I wish I had some of these... but I know I'd try to eat one of these lil jammies. By the way all customs (including this one) will be up for purchase on the Tenacious Toys website.

Tesselate had this to say on the piece:

"There are 24 wonderfully juicy (non edible) Blaspberry (not a real flavour) flavoured Pressbots (real bots) within the flip top jar. The jar stands at 14.5cm tall and comes with own hyper pink scoop."


Wrecking Crew and Associated Minds Bring 'The Heat' (American Language Remix)

Once in a while a track comes along with the force of a tornado and knocks ya down a few. This is that song and another great example of what happens for real When Giants Meet, in this track we got the Wrecking Crew consisting of Zilla Rocca, Curly Castro, Has-Lo(Mellow Music Group)  and UK Hip-Hop collective Associated Minds produced by PLO. I have already learned to expect nothing but GOOD music when someone from Three Dollar Pistol Music is involved and now finding out who Associated Minds is and what they are capable of... it's a must get. No need to write fluff, just listen below and you'll see for yourself. Giants universal indeed.