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Land Of The Way It Is & That's The Way It Is

Nasa of Uncommon Records just released his latest and it's full of that NYC sound, it's comfort audio food and I damn well ate it up while being reminded of the city. It has that positive lyrical effect that talks about neighborhoods, what his childhood was like and even 'Pasta w/ Butter'... prepared by his mother. You know, one of those records that's made to blast on the cans while taking the train to work as everyone scurries and pushes thru endlessly, or played at home while it fills the air with tales of Kings and all star emcees adding their Midas touch.

The tracks that stand out and have become personal favorites are Pasta w/Butter, Background Check (top fav), Frequent Flyers, Roses & Stones, My Ego's Big and The Future. Nasa is another emcee I would say that I comes off he genuinely enjoy making their music, I'd gladly pay that money to be able to enjoy music like this with no question. Stay personal Nasa... shit's dope.

Purchase the album Visit Uncommon Records

Everyone Loves Uncommon Burners 2

The Uncommon Records folks are back and this time they're celebrating their artists and fan base with the second installment of Uncommon Burners. The Uncommon Burner 2 features tracks from all of their current artists and features by Prince Po and billy woods, if you buy the cd version it comes with 8 extra tracks, a dual poster and a limited edition Uncommon America sticker. If you're really feeling the Orange Army vibe (which you should) go for the package that brings everything I already mentioned and the Uncommon Orange army flag tee, for other options visit their merchandise page too.

The music speaks for itself in volumes. Support the Uncommon troops!

Atari Got Satan In the Mirror

I need an old priest and a young priest up in here ASAP cause Atari Blitzkrieg has unleashed a grotto of unearthly sounds. A short and straight to the point 6 track album 'Satan In the Mirror' will have you nodding and bumping to the dark sounds and thoughts of Atari. I liked this album overall but couldn't get into the GAWS track because of the constant swag chorus, I just personally can't bring myself to fully listen to a track with the word playing a major role in a song. The sound is definitely complicated but works extremely well in favor of Blitzkrieg and I could always listen to more of it. I got into his sounds all late but good music never has an expiration date and look forward to hearing more from the artist. Check out the album below and show some support.

'Them Boys Ain't Right' They're Uncommon

I normally don't like to post flyers here but this has two things I like, Uncommon Records and King of the Hill so it's a must post. The recently announced tour "Them Boys Ain't Right" (awesome) starts July 24 and runs up to 28th, they also released a tour tape to go along with the announcement which you can download below for free or a donation that goes towards their tour funding. Props to DJ Jazzpants for the artwork and keeping Hank alive.

Here's what they have to say about the tour:

"The "Them Boys Ain't Right" tour begins Tuesday, July 24th in Boston! ADAM (of Uncommon Records) will be touring with fellow progsters, Brzowski (Milled Pavement) and Mo Niklz. They'll be rocking five stages in five nights that will take them from Boston through Brooklyn; Portland, Maine; Newport, R.I.; and Bridgeport, Conn. for a Northeast tour. It will also see them sharing the stage with Open Mike EagleBilly Woods (for his first NYC show since the criticaly acclaimed "History Will Absolve Me" lp dropped), MegaRan and other special guests."

Quadrofiendia Deserves Your Attentionfiendia

Is it just me or is Uncommon Records releasing a good deal of thought provoking Hip-Hop nowadays? Already a favorite label here so once I saw this super colorful but mostly fantastic cover (more about that later) I had to give it a listen, my eyes widened just like how my ears did after a few listens to Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku's team effort. The wide span of topics is always welcome when it sounds this good, all the beats produced by Dig Dug (Agartha Audio) have an easy transition from track to track due to the progression of sounds. From a Hip-Hop reborn (reboot?) to speaking on the universe and the earth we inhabit, it has a different type of audio ambiance and still make you succumb to the proverbial and much needed (in this case) head nod. Now about that mostly fantastic cover I mentioned earlier... I love the art but the typography was a miss for me. It created a unnecessary collide with the overall picture and sound on the album, maybe it was intentional but the typography didn't work for me and it was sort of hard to read the track listing as well. Does this have to do anything with the music? Not really but it's part of the overall package, I felt it was necessary to also mention it because of how much I like the art in the background. Back to the music... I enjoyed the whole album a good deal enough to highly recommend for purchase, you should want to get that awesome cover and LP look printed on that CD anyways regardless but the music is top notch Hip-Hop and that my friends is the key point.