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What is WGM up to?!

I know, I know… it’s been a while since something was posted here but we are back with a new focus and introducing new shiny artists that are part of When Giants Meet now. There’s been a good amount of behind the scene happenings and a video game related project being worked on as we speak. Cool right? The true vision of this site is starting to materialize and very excited to see it grow yet again.

Currently we are reworking the site little by little so each collective member has their own corner here and once that is taken cared of, I will be formally introducing each member here and on social media with individual posts. You'll start seeing new pages popping up and them sharing their craft n’ thoughts. Also in the works is a Discord server for anything WGM related and channels ranging from art to crypto, it’ll be a chill hangout for our members and you guys out there so stay vigilant for that invite link on Twitter.

For now I want to at least give you a heads up on who the new members are and hope you give them a follow! We now have theOneCam, AJ, Crypt0Dad and The Hidden Level aka Johmby officially joining the hoard. These are individuals whom I’ve been personally inspired and embolden by, I’m extremely happy to have them be a part of the collective to create greatness and push each other upwards as a team. Once a few more things are set in place, their pages are going to be added but for now we got some work to do.

Thank you for all the support you’ve shown WGM and can’t wait to share even more with you all!

Stay Giant

Changes In The Wind

At certain points into the year I like to point out what will be going on in the site and if there are any changes coming up. I am officially going to start tackling a few projects I have been working on and should've been for a while, I will also be working with certain familiar faces which you have seen on the site in one way or another. It will be a smooth transition in content and at the same time not impact the awesometastic (it's a word now) music that is always posted.

What does this mean for the site? You will start seeing more experimental design and audio here along with the music posts you all look forward to. So that means more peeks here and there to what makes and revolves around the WGMverse. From the beginning I have wanted to go beyond just words on a post and it's time to finally start shifting into what When Giants Meet was made to be. So stay along for the ride as I also look forward to continue creating bonds with artists and readers by building/creating art, the main objective will be to contribute something positive to music and art overall. Details? That's what you'll see once things start popping up here... haha.

Thanks for believing and staying Giant. WGMeets

Happy New Year Indeed...

Another year comes to an inevitable end. This year brought out the best and worst from us all, be it world problems, music, art or ourselves. I would like to thank each and every single person that takes their time to pass thru these Giant post halls filled with talent and thought because without you... there is no WGM. Cheesy? Yeah a little but it's true because the very basic idea of WGM is people collaborating and come together to fulfill their dreams and visions in life and art. Everyone that has asked for help, started projects, found their new favorite artists or worked with them, this is for you. You all have shown me what is possible if you set your mind to it and bring it out or share with others, a constant daily lesson is learned from my readers and the artists that I have come to know personally or post about. To those that have shown love to WGM, it's been a fantastic experience and seeing where it has taken me has been fun so thank you for that. Artists that have asked for my ears or eyes, it's an honor to be able to help with your ideas, albums and designs. When Giants Meet isn't about just one person, it's about many whom share the same mindset of expansion and betterment of all art-forms especially life, it's amazing to see folks use this blog and idea to make a change or incorporate it in their lives somehow.

True Giants stand tall and preserve the good, thank you for believing in me and my message. Much love to all and hope everyone has a fantastic night and new year. Live, Love, Laugh.



El Terror Luis Días... I Found It!

So today had just turned totally awesome. I found something that I got from Luis Días (El Terror) when I was getting lessons and practice from him to learn how to play the guitar at Rufi Records in Washington Heights. He is known as the Father of Dominican Rock and is responsible for a good amount of hits from Fernandito Villalona (one of the biggest from DR), composed with Juan Luis Guerra and other artists. I can't believe I found this and it was inside my Beatles Complete Scores book which makes sense. This is something that I personally can cherish and know that he also affected me in more than just hearing his music. I thought I lost all his paperwork and immensely happy that I found this!

It doesn't have his name on it at all but I know it's him and that's enough for me.

Zen Studios Reveal Pinball FX 2 Thor Table

Zen Studios just released the last table in the 4 Pack Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue Table set, it's our friendly hammer wielding neighbor also known as Thor the God of Thunder. We have been enjoying Pinball FX 2 for a long time and it's one of the few pinball games that gets it, everything down to mechanics, physics and interaction with the table is spot on and tons of fun. Check the trailer below and be sure to download this for Xbox360 and PS3, it will be available for download on December 13 on PSN and December 14 on XBLA.