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Work Drugs at Bellport Bay

MTB The soothing sounds of Work Drugs can make any morning seem like your down by the water in shorts as you watch the water watch you back. Always a great listen that takes me away from these gray skies over me in Jersey right now, Philly artist Ryan Williams also lends vocals to the track that'll have you swaying like the sea breeze and waves. Smooth, chill and awesome.

Work Drugs Got a 'License To Drive'

So some very interesting news arises with the release of the new Work Drugs 'License To Drive' track off their upcoming 2012 album and that is they might have a double or (gasp!) triple album in the works. As always they never disappoint with their sound and keep it chill. Check the track below and get lost in this Corey Haim inspired track that continues to beg you to steal your parents car for a ride.

Word Drugs 'Rolling in the Deep' at the 'Catalina Wine Mixer'

Our favorite chill group Work Drugs is back with a couple of new tracks, the songs start the day off nice and warm for those that need a little flow in the morning to get going. The first track is a cover for Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep' which I was just talking about yesterday with a few folks on Twitter and how the radio formula has ruined perfectly good songs, and the second one is 'Catalina Wine Mixer' also if you don't know about that then... I don't know if I can help you. In all seriousness I keep coming back to the Work Drugs tracks because of the free-spirited sounds of summer that simply ooze out of my speakers when played and there is no way that I can't love that. It's one of those things that makes me want to hit the road or relax in a chair by the beach, I can't wait for my next trip to Dominican Republic and take Work Drugs with me! Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) by Work Drugs

Catalina Wine Mixer by Work Drugs

WGM - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape

Welcome to another installment of WGM's experimental sound tapes, this time around we are gearing up for the heat with some chill tracks to welcome the waters and everything that the summer weather may bring. The concept starts with the flows of tracks ranging from swimming around to scuba diving and even setting the mood of eating at the beach and partying it up at night. Little random fact for my Giants... the cover is made of two photographs I took while in the Bahamas at the Atlantis Aquarium last year. I hope you all like the tape as it was fun creating it and there will be more! When Giants Meet - I Wish I Could Scuba Mixtape by WGMeets

Mediafire Link

Tracklist: 1 - Sea Things - Windowpane 2 - Work Drugs - Rad Racer (Take It Easy Dean Jagger Remix) 3 - Atilla - Beat So Fresh 4 - Cibelle - Sereia, Amor d' Agua (Remake) 5 - Plaid - This City Is Hell 6 - Datahowler - Ghosts Inside Live 7 - Mongo Santamaria - Un Dia de Playa ( A Day At The Beach) 8 - Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover 9 - Los Amigos Invisibles - Bruja (MAW Full Vocal Mix) 10 - Beck - Que' Onda Guero (Remixed by Islands)

Work Drug's 'Rad Racer' Remixes

Work Drugs has quickly become my go-to-chill music whenever I feel fit to and always ends up in a calming mood ready to hit another country or just chill in the sun. Just wanted to share with you the 'Rad Racer' remixes they have up and be sure to VOTE for your favorite one, mine are "take it easy dean jagger remix" and "Summer Heart Remix".   Rad Racer - The Remixes by Work Drugs