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Dr. Quandary's WIP: Schala's Song

Here's some work in progress sounds by Dr. Quandary for the follow-up to 'The Dioscuri' with Louis Mackey. Quandary's beats always seem to inhabit their own world and envelops your senses, this is yet another good example of where his sound elevates to and this isn't even finished yet. A haunting melodic guitar by Brian Fink gets the treatment which sounds fantastic over the beat. It's always good when a track or song can take you there or make you see things, that's when you know they are truly crafting something special and that's what I'm getting. A Giant thank you goes out to the doc for sharing.

Man Mantis' 'Gonna Doubt You'

My o my Man Mantis is BACK. One of my favorite beat crafters has just released "Gonna Doubt You" with some UFO soul sounding goodness. I don't really like posting one track posts anymore on WGM but there's a special exception here and I'm a-ok with this one. Man Mantis - Gonna Doubt You by World Around Records

Zilla Rocca Goes "Full Spectrum"

This is Zilla Rocca's lead single off the upcoming "Nights & Weekends" album and now that his completed kickstarter project has met it's goal (gooo Zilla), it only makes it all the better for us as we reap the music rewards. The track produced by Dr. Quandary and featuring Has-Lo seeps HipHop noir and as usual always worth a download. You can hear/download it below! Zilla Rocca - Full Spectrum feat Has-Lo (prod by Dr. Quandary) by ZillaRoccaNoir

Man Mantis' 'Red Dragonfly' Video

[youtube][/youtube] A video to come off the Man Mantis EP 'Sea Ambulance' entitled 'Red Dragonfly' is in total tune with the music, having that sort of odd sci-fi factor to it. Yes I peeped that NES mod he got going on in the video, more of a reason to like this video haha. Man Mantis makes his appearance while manipulating the beatsman thoughts... well played as the video directed by Joe Ramos. If you haven't downloaded the EP yet, what are you waiting for? There's more to come from MM soon this month so stay tuned!