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Scott Snyder's Batman Has Mighty Wings

Let's talk Bat for a second. After I found out that DC Comics was going to do a full universe reboot (New 52) I had my doubts and worries about my favorite superhero turning into guano, I was right about some of the other reboots but now my worries for Batman have turned into pure geek joy due to Scott Snyder. I'm coming back from a huge hiatus from reading comics (10 or so years) so it was perfect to start reading again with the New 52 coming out, I picked up Batman, Justice League and along the way Animal Man and a few other books. The arc of the Court of Owls in Batman has been a fantastic romp thru the psychological plane of Bruce Wayne and breathes glistening musky damp life into Gotham City and I am loving it. I will try to write without ruining integral parts of the story for those that haven't read it. Snyder has created Gotham in a breathable real history rich city monster by introducing families and old ties that will surprise and amaze you.

The first 10 issues are out now and the Court of Owls story has me always waiting for the next issue like old times, impatient because I want to keep reading but have to wait a week and wondering where it will go or who will pop up next. The mental work that Batman is currently working out is a huge one and has brought much discouragement to the hero, but he loves her and will keep fighting for Gotham as long as he's breathing. The whole Court of Owls timeline engaging in deep history is a very interesting one and how Snyder wrote it out can add a huge backlog of history and happenings that may surface in the near future. The Wayne family in my personal opinion has never been portrayed with the detail and richness in complexity on another Batman book, it makes you wonder about the entire origin of the Wayne's and Batman. Gotham City still feels dark and rightfully so with the seedy backbone protruding the urban landscape, but it also feels real in the way that there are people in power and past events bought to life, also the immense threat to the whole city including Bruce Wayne and even villains plays out like an awesome psychological thriller movie.

I hope and pray that this story goes beyond just an arc and spans the entire series, it's too deep in character and power figures to just drop after a while and seems to have a great deal of input in how the city works. I also read the side issues in the arc on the other Bat family books just for the complete grasp on the Owls story, it was good fun and made me also appreciate Batwing a little more than I used to. I have recently started to get excited about the upcoming Dark Knight Rises, I do however wish it was this story being played out in theaters this summer. Does it have the usual cheesy DC Comics feel to it? I honestly don't think so. All I see and read here is an amazing book that I always look forward to and have dropped most of the other comics I was reading in the process.

If you haven't read... read it. If you're worried about the cornball antics that DC usual has in their titles even within the New 52... don't, you're safe here. Go get the Volume 1 (Issues 1-7) out now if you don't want to buy the individual comics, I highly recommend it. By the way GetGlue, update your searchable and shareable titles so I can add this to my read list and get STICKERS! Scott Snyder... Salute!

Batman are ya done yet?