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Ooooh KABOOOM! Another dope ass album by Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro now as Grift Company in their new LP #TooManySecrets. They got the goodfellas on there like Dr. Quandary and Willie Green beats plus features like the ever dope Open Mike Eagle and more! Anytime these men get together and forge those tracks made of beatanium, the would should shake and artists should tremble… always amazing. Snag it up today and rock the homies like we always do.

Hard Boiled Rocca

With the highly anticipated release of Zilla Rocca’s Future Former Rapper on November 9th, let’s revisit his August 2018 EP release Hard Boiled. A 7 track starry night, wet streets boom bap gem, as usual oozing with feeling and those roll off the tongue quip rhymes Zilla’s known for. If you’ve followed WGM for quite some time, you’ll know how I feel about his solo work and how his rhymes paint vivid pictures for me. My favorites are Alive & Paid, Rabbit Will Run and Time Ran Out but ALL the tracks bump, play this EP with me below till the 9th and you’ll see why I’m excited for Future Former Rapper .

Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers Never on a Weak Stomach

Zilla Rocca chief in command of Noir Hop is back with The Shadowboxers for another round on 'Weak Stomach EP' with shiny pieces and flailing daggers so watch your ears. The EP is filled with liquid tragedies and funny bizzy names, most of this excellent music is produced by Blurry Drones but Has-Lo, Small Professor and Zilla prop a few beats also. Yet another entry into the dusty yellow pages of constant rotations, this EP is a highly enjoyable piece of audio art that will keep you clamoring for more. Dig in to that case dough and drop some berries for the chopper squad.

Zilla Rocca 'Party With Villains' Care Package

Who wants to sign for this? Philly's quick draw Zilla Rocca and his October 30th release for "Party With Villains" EP is around the corner, he's released two singles so far 'Michael Caine Glasses' and 'Nothing In The Bank' that continue the bourbon sipping night crawling feel. Has-Lo's Michael Caine remix has a midnight hooligan sprinting boom-bap feel to it, and Alpha 1's Nothing In The Bank has that funky bank heist sound. Zilla is one of the most atmospheric emcees I've heard and apparently he has no plans on stopping cause this dude does mucho work. After the insanely awesome Wu-Tang Pulp, we have another audio fatale to look forward to. Check out the two singles below.

Zilla Rocca & 'Friends Go 'Full Spectrum 2' like this just flat out make me happy. Zilla Rocca, Has-Lo, Open Mike Eagle  & Dr. Quandary with Dewey Decibel on the title artwork. Hip-Hop magic right here. The beat fantastic, the visuals great, the vision unstoppable. Be sure to check out "Full Spectrum EP" below and show some support.