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The True Marvel

The hours have been long and you don't know what's up from down some days. That's the craziness of life but also know that if you never truly seek the good balance you deserve, you'll be stuck in limbo, forever traversing the clouds and drowning with what if's and fear waves. Never mind all that. Life's too short to stay upset or hung up over things, learn how to pass as the clouds do while climbing to the top. Achievements won't unlock themselves, you must put in work.

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Opportunity Blurred

Sometimes the feeling of a perfect shot get ruined by a lost focus, you think you got it after that snap but then you're greeted by a Vaseline covered photo. One of the worst feelings in the world and it happened with this shot. His positioning was perfect and everything else around him. Here's to life bringing me this same shot again at some point.

By the Taj

BtTSomething odd happens when you're here. Is it the incessant begging before you even get to the check gate? No, it's the sense that your smaller than you thought and there's more to what you think.