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St Joe Louis 'Good Morning' Indeed...

[vimeo][/vimeo]Gawwwwwdang they finally made a video to one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs! Even used it in a video I did for Maldonado's 42nd St. Mural that was in NYC. St. Joe Louis (Michael CardiganElete and Tommie Chase) just released the 'Good Morning' vid to the wild and thanks to Visual High Life it looks great. The contrast and colors work extremely well to convey the "just gettin up" feeling and maintains the qualities which leave a positive impact after watching it. None of the typical Hip-Hop video novelties are present and that is always welcomed, stay true to life and forget that superficial fluff! Peace to Khal for sending this over. Their single of 'Good Morning' was also recently released on iTunes, DJ Download and Juno Download courtesy of RTD Records. Support music that actually tells a story and gives a message!

Hello Seahorse! ¿Esta 'Lejos. No Tan Lejos'?

The Spanish indie rock scene can be insanely varied and at the same time that there's a great amount of talent, there is an insane amount of pretentious filler music. Now enter Hello Seahorse! with their latest album 'Lejos. No Tan Lejos', their mesmerizing atmospheric dreamy drenched sound captivates quickly and elevates them to the good side. The album deals with separation from loved ones and the emotions dealing with, they as musicians related even more to this being on the road or recording for months. You can feel the coldness in 'Casa Vacia' or the rising sun warming your face on 'Un Año Quebrado', not to mention the desolate alone 'Fieras'... everything gives off an emotion and you become part of the album. Soundwise I'd like to place it among the combining sounds of Portishead and Fiona Apple which both have produced great music with feeling and purpose. You can purchase their album now on iTunes, and the Nacional Records Store.

Regardless of what is said, I do not consider them a Pop music act at all. I love it... check out '7 Dias' one of my favorite tracks below. 7 Días by HelloSeahorse