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Nintendon't Limit Yourself, Shine Get

Super-Mario-3D-World-32So now that PS4 and Xbox One is out, many sites are recommending the WiiU due to the lacking launch titles on the other two systems and the new Mario game (excellent) recently released. This industry is such a flip-flop mess... Now that the other two had just ok launches which usually happens, folks are writing about how good the WiiU is and can be. Don't get me wrong, I love that a great system is getting more love but the fact that even the NY Times is reporting about PS4 and Xbox One having nothing worthy to play along with Polygon saying waiting is good reads funny to me. I'm mainly a Nintendo head but I'll play anything that's good and all the flack that Nintendo gets for being "weird" or stubborn and slow to adapt is largely exaggerated but now sites are seeing the awesome so they hop on. There are certain things that Sony gets correct and Microsoft as well but Nintendo is now billed as the old man trying to be hip and is portrayed out of touch 'cause it doesn't share everything and guards their IP's with their life no matter the costs. No one can however deny that they don't know how to make games, all their 1st party releases on the WiiU have been fun and a refreshing change from bloody bullet ridden strategic first persons calls to duty in space with effect and now Super Mario is starting to change the opinion of the lil U that could.

Don't doubt.

Video games are meant to be fun, exciting and escapes from life or something that can traverse you to different realms while centered around a coat of reality. Some folks wean away from bright colors and cheerful themes, some of us do not but no one is wrong for it because it's a preference. While preference can somewhat hurt the industry, it's what is perceived and labeled that truly hurts it and makes the industry that we all love a bit less fun and more like work. What the whole point of this? If something is good then support or try it, don't just support it because the "hardcore gamer" crowd doesn't you got let down with something else as it can limit a great deal of wonderful games you can enjoy.

Happy 25th NES!

Today marks the 25th anniversary of when Nintendo unleashed the beast that was and is the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), and the start of my glorious videogame addiction/craze/hobby/gamehead life. Released October 18, 1985 here in the United States it made kids go absolutely insane (or shall I say parents), and the way it took storm of the country was no small feat by revitalizing the videogame industry after the big crash. Kids went into a zombie like state seeing the 8-Bit pixels move about and wonder what they would've done if this never came out. I myself was totally mesmerized and soon became one of Nintendo's rabid fans (still am) that would defend the company like if they sent me a check! Your not here for white paper facts so I'm going to spare you the technicals and give it to ya '85 style from my eyes.

As I go nuts watching a Nintendo commercial on TV one day in '85, my sister passes by and goes "whoa what the heck is that?!" I proceed to my uberdork fanboy level 100 and give her all the explosive details anyway I could at 5yrs old... she leaves with a simple "ahh ok cool." Disappointed that she didn't see this as the second coming of Christ, I proceeded to plan how to approach my parents to tell them I wanted this fantasmical 'thing' AND get it. Totally strategical down to the time I was going to ask for the NES, I walk like a lil soldier to my mom and let her know the deal and then my dad walks in and I explain everything all over again. Slightly stone-faced as most old school latino parents would be with something electronic they leave it at a simple "we'll see."

I thought I was loosing it... was I really seeing the blah reactions of my sister and parents? Did they not think it was awesome-o like me, am I seeing something they are not? Regardless I pipe down and continued to eat my Beefaroni (used to love it) thinking how the hell am I going to get this NES I saw. I was only 5 so there was only soo much you can do and I tried the I might never get it so whatever attitude, it actually went well and I sort of moved on until next week. Now fast forward to school on Monday I couldn't escape it because now tons of kids had it, and I didn't so yeah school was a lot less fun than it already was.

The following day my sister randomly picks me up from school and takes me to Woolworth's on 181st and buys me the damn thing... holy crap I couldn't believe it. I actually had the magical box in my hand and proceeded to walk home with a skip in my step. As soon as I get home my mom said they acted like that because my sister already knew about it, said she was going to buy it for me and didn't want to give it away. I carefully opened the box marveling at the parts for a few and hooked that sucker up to the 13in TV I had in my room. Hyped like a mofo I played for 4 hours glued to my chair until it was time to go to bed (school night), funny enough I was woken up at 1AM to see my mom and sister playing it!!!! That day sparked something in me and is still lit to this day, forever a game head because of that one gray box... thanks Nintendo.

Tap the vein cause it feels soo good.