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WGM x the1shanti Interview

the1shanti aka India Bambaataa invited us over to listen to some amazing tracks from upcoming projects  and we started to talk about the music industry and what life may bring from this constant grind-mode most of us have going on now. It turned into a real deep convo where we discussed more than just making music, but what and where you can end up as you yourself are used as a musical tool to reach others with your auditory stories.  We are all tools of communication and have to learn that it  has to flow thru us so we reach others, some have different methods to bring out their music but essentially you are an organic device to where sounds emit from and tell a story or communicate with others. We had an absolute blast that day and heard some crazy tracks so stay tuned to WGM for info! Peace to the1shanti for having us and shedding some light into his world... a true Giant indeed.


the1shanti's music: the1shanti's Rawkus, Attack Of The Flow! EP, Two Ears And A Heart Mixtape

There's a gazillion projects (literally) coming up with the1shanti and other artists so stay tuned to WGM for more info!

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