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When Toys Attack: Uncanny X-Force's Attack Apocalypse

[youtube][/youtube]theOneCam just finished a crazy looking 17 image set of the face-off between the Uncanny X-Force and Apocalypse, he also made an awesome video to go along with the images. I gotta say... we need more of these! There are TONS of toy and figure photographers out there but few take the time and involve themselves enough to create an actual environment for them like this. You can see a few of shots from the set below, for the complete series be sure to visit his site. Learn from the wise folks, more on the talented photographer later...

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Calle 13 Le Da 'La Vuelta Al Mundo'

The latest video by Calle 13 continues the positive growth they consistently keep having on their music and life. The title roughly translates to 'around the world' and is a uplifting view on living and how you live your life. He starts by stating 'don't gift me more books because I won't read them', pointing out using life as your guide and not some manual society sets for you. Playing out the ever present focus on not getting stuck in routine and becoming lifeless, but dream and make your paradise. Everyone has been there but it's nice to see it played out in a way that we have all thought or done at one point in our life. The beating drums and focus on maintaining your dreams then become eventually them is one that will never get old for me.

If interested in the English translation of the lyrics, click here.

A Calle 13 que sigan con sus mensajes de cultura y positividad, el cielo no es limite, pero solo otro nivel en que pasaran. Gracias por compartir otro viaje a un mundo en que muchos desean tener cojones en donde vivir.


Zechs Marquise Smokin Up 'Everlasting Beacon Of Light'

[vimeo][/vimeo] Mars Volta sibling band Zechs Marquise has a new video out for the trip-hop sounding 'Everlasting Beacon of Light' from their last album 'Getting Paid', and as the song progresses the visuals get much more engaging just like the song. The Zechs Marquise is a sideband for Marcel of Mars Volta, not sure how these guys and Omar do it but it's always dope and different than everything out. It starts off all smooth and smoky then it gets amped a few levels for the end. Great song and now it has great visuals to accompany it.

Rasheed Chappell's 'Break Loose' Official Video

[youtube][/youtube]Jersey's ill emcee Rasheed Chappell got a new video for "Break Loose", one of the dopest tracks on 'Future Before Nostalgia' (produced by Kenny Dope) and continues the tradition of Hip-Hop as an art-form. This has to be one of the best old school HipHop tributes in video form that I've seen in recent times, shot by Zunbug Turskee in conjunction with Creative Control, they keep the true essence of creation and flow visual graphics beautifully with the track. Crazy that I can see this video and know it came out in 2012, it mimics the beloved era and looks so well.