The Day I Liked Lorde

Yeah. The ‘Royals' girl. 


So in similar fashion of most pop acts that become mega annoying because they seem to appear everywhere with THAT one song, I think it's catchy for 5 seconds but completely ignore the rest of anything from that artist. Ignore until the hype dies down some and I’ll give it an unbiased whirl, it helps me give it an honest opinion instead being driven by the hatred of repetition and annoyance. How things are nowadays, I can do that with any act that I just want to see what they sound like and so I did with Pure Heroine by Lorde.

Clicked on that play icon and prepared for the underwhelming and meh-tastic… welp, I think I enjoyed it. I say think because it was the initial impression after listening to the entire album, then I played it a few more times over work and annoyances dancing around me during the day. I’m not sure I “get” her or if she’s really a cool person under the awkward and pop famous veil but her voice is very easy to listen to. Sometimes there’s a slight twist to the way she changes pitch in her vocals that is too cool and there are times that she’s just singing but it’s still fun to listen to. I don’t really have a favorite but I’ve skipped some of the tracks on this album.

I gave up my snobby "all pop music sucks" card a while ago but it doesn’t mean that the bar has been lowered at all whatsoever. It’s just easier to enjoy things once they disappear and not in heavy rotation everywhere, also not being a negative ear helps open new avenues of sound. Enjoy yo’self… enjoy YO’SELF.