The WGM token is live!

That’s right… you heard me! We’ve gotten together with the good folks of Roll and launched our own Ethereum token to give out within the community so you all can buy exclusive pieces from us. It’s important for us to give back to those who support and this social money will be a way for us to extend our gratitude on those that do. You’ll be able to claim tokens on our landing page, buy 1 of 1 pieces from WGMeets, theOneCam, Atomo Kid and The Hidden Level, we will do giveaways once in a while and if you see us in person at events as well. Eventually the plan is to have this token serve as payment for items we put up for sale on Opensea or perhaps our own shop!

Be a part of the WGM vibe and reach out to us on the Roll Discord, Twitter and follow us on Instagram, where we’ll talk about all sorts of topics and we will be sharing tokens there as well.

Claim 100 tokens here!

Randy Ortiz