The Whitestone Experience

What if when you listened to music, you could also interact with the art or experience it in a better visual sense? No longer a background act or static image you stare at but immersing yourself into that album or artistic vision and able to tip said artist or creator. Sounds cool doesn't it? Well the good folks at Whitestone are trying to build a network of just that and boy does it sounds great. It seems like an insane amount of work and I'm not sure what goes into it all but the idea that I can interact with the album cover or more like how Björk has done, in one place and with many artists sounds very appealing. I'm always preaching about how there should be a stronger focus on the album art, this might strike that happy medium or surpass what I've been looking for.

Independent, interactive and immersive. Take a look at what Roey has to say about the service below and visit their Thunderclap to help spread the word. Whitestone will also be launching a Kickstarter on August 30th in order to stay independent and work personally with artists and not labels or grubby venture capitalists hands.