VHS-OST: Time Bandits

Sooo many visions of neons streaks... where am I and what year is this?! Either way, I'm sold on the duo of Jr Doom and BWinshell that make VHS-OST.

Right from the beginning I got a hint of Scarface killing Manny vibe from Act One, then it turns into a lush synth jungle of sounds and neon lights that carries itself very well and engulfs you in its light. All you want to do is chill and let the wave take you wherever its going and that's exactly what I did, it took me from Rad Racer (NES) to Miami nightlife, sunny beaches and then racing on wet asphalt. It feels so calculated yet free of any type of rules set, I truly enjoyed every bit of it. The awesome artwork was done by 800lb productions and it truly captures the right look, it also reminds me of Game Informer's old magazine mascot. I'm excited to see where this project takes Jr Doom and BWinshell and what they tap into for the following album.

Be sure to support and buy/stream the album on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and Pandora. Below is the video for Laser XT, enjoy!

Randy Ortiz