Why Does it Sound WEIRD?

“I don’t know… it sounds too weird for me."

I’m not the one to talk to when it comes to how things have to be or look like haha, with anything creative there should be no binding areas because it then limits the art and your experience. I always go on a rant of why there are rules n' guides and how they should all be tossed out the window, even when it comes to design and sound, I don’t like having an imaginary boundary set on anything unless you want a timeout… daddy stuff.

As a graphic designer I’ve learned to appreciate the freedom of not using guides and set rules that often get passed down to every generation that wants to create something. Even when photographing something, I don’t like using methods or techniques that often take away from the free-ness of the imagination and exploration of visuals. I also like my music this way and when losing oneself within music, it can be one of the best damn things you could ever do. With that being said, why do people say that they don’t like certain songs/artists because they sound weird? As if they are supposed to follow a certain model and attitude to sound “normal” or acceptable.

I know it’s not that easy to always open up to any sound and let it run around you but with something as powerful and fantastic as music, you don't want to put it in a box for only you to approve or disapprove. It can be something as far out as the spacial sounds of Astronomy Domine or Thought 07, zen madness of Girl/Boy Song, incredibly noisy yet harmonic Book 1: Page 29 ear attack or the frantic fever inducing Comparsa De Los Locos, let it run around free and “completely become one” with the sonic waves. When you have those headphones on and you hear those trumpets blare and drums thump as if you were in that studio with them, it becomes a magical adventure and let’s you into their world as you see what they see if not your own visions.

Just remember to Watch The Corners.

By the way, guess who that is in the shot I took above and I'll buy you their album.