Should They Respect Your Music?

In recent news a Latin artist by the name of Daddy Yankee has been mentioned as negatively impacting the people of Puerto Rico, where his name and music was used to give an example of the deteriorating values in PR. A video (00:51) of doctor Gloria Ortiz yelling at a patient in Hospital Regional de Bayamón has gone viral because she mentioned that urban music like his is why the country is in ruins and will never get better because they listen to "garbage", it obviously has gotten the attention of a great deal of people, this got me thinking about all the music that has been criticized over the years since man can probably remember. Every 10-15 years a music genre gets ostracized in some form and criticized because it doesn't go according to what some deem as proper, spanning from jazz, rock'n roll, punk, Hip-Hop which has spoken about and related to real life always wants to be silenced. Now, due to the subject matter on a good deal of songs I can see why there are certain figures in society that would rather do without them, there is an incredible influence on the young with urban music both lower and higher class and a good deal of it is about partying, girls and drinking. While at the same time I think that there is way too much negativity attached to a broad range of music, I believe there still is viable platform to get messages across, are necessary and good to have people listen.

Oigan a Daddy Yankee por eso este País es una porquería por escuchar a Daddy Yankee.”

”Listen to Daddy Yankee this is why this country is garbage because they listen to Daddy Yankee.

Boasting along with sex and violence sells no matter what genre and media an artists chooses to create in, ultimately I believe it's up to parents if the listener is young or common sense as an adult to differentiate and know what's for show. At the same time people continue to blame music, we as a society are also to blame for not teaching our kids better and paying attention to signs that may trigger negative effects in thought and actions. It's very easy to blame everyone else but yourself and this is what I think Gloria Ortiz has done, never mind that she was speaking to a patient as if they were a drugged up criminal. Learn to respect music and others but at the same time don't go on defense mode due to the views of some because all you want to talk about is ass and weed then get called a degenerate. This issue will probably never get resolved but can come to a certain understanding, from both society and artists alike so that everyone assumes certain responsibility.

Some of the music I listen to isn't for the weak-eared and I can appreciate it for the raw content that it delivers, I just don't have a problem switching over to something else if it's not something that can be heard without headphones. While the ignorant blame others and the artists say "hey, I'm not just a thug", I simply smile and keep it moving but felt a need to write this. There are never enough songs I can share with my kids and not feel like I have to keep my finger on the volume just in case they curse, it's a constant guard and worry as a music loving parent. This is something that I do to stop inappropriate content but that can only go so far, what can we do collectively to remedy this? Teach our kids better.

Should they respect your music? Sure but don't get mad if they don't when you release an album full of songs that are full of disrespectful and carelessness. Just. keep. swimming.

Randy Ortiz