ZZK #8, Your Ears and Happiness

The world has a funny way of thanking creatives... I'm assuming the term "starving artists" derived from this humorous gratitude, haha. We are here today in full support of a label which has given us quality ear candy that will make a room thump n' bump while retaining culture intertwined in their music. Enter our buddies ZZK Records (Argentina) which have been operating for 7 years and now the time for 8 years will be soon coming with needed big moves, they have been met with praises and collaborations that would make a parent proud and now the progression for many indie artists have gone towards the kindness of their fans and peers.
This is where we come in :)

ZZK has set up a SUPPORT page in order to bring in year number 8 to a great beginning and keep the good vibes rolling in the best way possible. I hope you all can take the time and help fund their Indiegogo page to support great minds, artists and music that will continue to travel for years and years, opening minds and creating new visions.

Your money will go towards all the necessary requirements to continue to create and innovate in the music space, it goes to a great cause and I hope everyone can do their part in helping artists continue making the music that we all love. Labels like this only come few and far in between unfortunately so we need to cherish and protect what we do have that speaks for us and opens venues for those who create.
Below is the video that Grant of ZZK has made, check it and see where your money is going and what it will continue to do for them.

Here's to culture, art, music and ZZK!

Randy Ortiz