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Supremacy of the Supposed Knowledgeable

I got a little issue with some folks and their "uplift your own" mentality and providing knowledge only to their own kind/race/type. Not too long ago and currently going on there are many racial confrontations, deaths and fights because people don't want to understand or like folks that are different (ignorance) from them. After all that has happened it still lives on oddly within the same folks that got discriminated against and they don't understand that if you only try to JUST uplift your own... everybody else still views you the same. If you honestly care about providing knowledge or self-empowerment then share it with everyone, and don't create an environment fueled on exclusivity or ignorance of others; therefore repeating history that we don't care to revisit. If you expect to grow only within your comfort zone/kind then you will never experience true growth and all the beautiful experiences along with it.

Let's all grow together. Just my two cents.

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios con El Juidero

[youtube][/youtube]Rita Indiana takes visual cue from the 70-80's drug cartel play-outs (great style) and the video has a great cinematic look to it that accompanies the track very well. This artist has been taking the Dominican Republic by storm with her fast paced merenguerock and also mixing it in with great visuals makes her videos something to always look out for. A true Giant (she's pretty damn tall too) she withstands the test of demands for good music and has lyrical ability as she always manages to give a hard faced opinion on what is going on in the countries politics and people in her songs. See below to download the track and bonus points on that cover!

DOWNLOAD: Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - El Juidero

Happy Birthday John

Today marks the birthday of one of Earths most prolific misunderstood minds on earth. Thank you for your contribution to the world, you made it a better place with how you touched people and made them think including myself. You were robbed of life and that will never be forgotten as it could've bought soo much more happiness to this burning twisted world we live in today.

That Fela! got me thinkin

Friday night Momma Giant and I went to NYC for a night of Fela! on Broadway, I came back gears turning and wondering what I'm doing. The experience (more than a show) was an amazing one, the acting and music (Antibalas!!) is something to rave about as it was done in a fantastic manner. The moving story at play of Fela Kuti went beyond art and quick thought. It was also a self-reflection as to what is my role in this burning world. Sure everyone was moving in their seats to the sweet sounds of Afrobeat but there was a bigger groove to be taken from this as well. There was a fighting soul in Fela the man and for what he stood for, I also think much of that fight, strength and boldness is gone today because of our comfort zones. We (myself included) have taken a seat to the world's problems just because they don't supposedly affect us. As I sat there in my seat marveling at the stage and hearing the soul transforming sounds of Kuti I started to think. "What do I stand for and what am I doing to make a change?" and "Does anyone care about anyone besides themselves now?" ran thru my head the whole time. I try to help good causes by offering what I can do, but I know I could do more and have promised myself to help make this world a better place. There are too many issues and too many of us in comfortable positions in life... why don't we decide to help? Yes we all work hard to earn our comfort zone, but we have to remember that we also as people inhabiting this earth owe it to our brothers and sisters (no matter the country or religion) to also lend a hand when needed and able to do so. I for example don't like drinking water yet some neighborhoods don't even have 1oz of clean water that is drinkable. We toss good food away and we also toss the thought that another child is going to bed hungry tonight... because it bothers us. There are many causes out there to fight for but we sit and watch it on the news/sites then just keep it moving by saying "wow that's horrible" and on to the next reality show. I for one will not stand around anymore and keep seeing destruction and hunger kill off our people. Fela Anikulapo Kuti your music has always moved me but your story and this play has changed something in me for the better.

By the way that night was extra special because it was Nigeria's 50th anniversary of Independence and Patti LaBelle as Fela's mother was amazing.