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The Stepkids Blossom 'A Legend In My Own Mind'

[youtube][/youtube]Stones Throw jazzy soul-ish Hip-Hop beat drivers The Stepkids came out with a new video for "A Legend In My Own Mind," a song from their self titled album which also portrays the non-pushy side of a pet peeve when walking down Times Square. The song has a very Motown feel combined with a little 60's guitar making flower waves in the background. Sweet visuals showing the power of the Hip-Hop at work, transforming a "preppy" individual into a beat lovin poppin' locking fool while  Juggalos and KFC buckets dance the day away. The trio got a formula going and it sounds very soothing like a cool dip in the pool on a summer Sunday afternoon, I dig it.

Stephen Chai & The No-Nation Orchestra Gives Us 'More More More'

Stephen Chai of Laserfang fame has returned with a few friends and a new band called No-Nation Orchestra to take us on a soulful uplifting travel through the funky fields of horns and drums. This EP brings sounds familiar to those that listen to afrobeat, funk, with jazzy undertones that prove highly enjoyable and even danceable. Stephens voice billows out reminiscent of the Bee Gees yet smoother with a hint of THC and visions of purple fields fading in, it carries over each track beautifully as the captain in this ever-flowing romp thru the soul and inner beat. I would love to hear this whole EP live, I loved the rhythm of The No-Nations start and made me miss outdoor summer night concerts already! This 5 track EP is well worth it's 5 dollar price tag, as it will have you shaking, grooving and take you to a place where Kuti would've been proud and jamming right along with em.

A Few Monday Thoughts

Hold up, I need to stretch for a sec... Ahhhh ok I'm midly awake and ready to give you random life fandom from a Giant perspective. There's been some craziness going on in this world and seems like there's no stopping it, we all must continue to try our best and not take steps back from our progress as a society. Easier said than done obviously but a mention or two besides acting it out doesn't hurt to see if it makes a difference/impact on this downward spiral we got going on as of late. Besides worldly destruction we have the arts (music, art, performance) which in some form is progressing towards true expression, be it thru hardships or positive frame of mind... which goes a long way sometimes. London burning along with countries firing social media bullets towards their enemies, politicians doing what they know how to do horribly, mind control by way of music and personal opinion at an all time high, needless to say (still said it) these are hard times for peace but never give up. People will still "be about that cash" and whatever grind (mainly Hip-Hop artists) they deem proper to "make it," just remember to stop and live life for a sec and realize how lonely it can be at the top of that throne you so desperately seek. I never get tired of saying this after I realized it myself... As the saying goes "work to live, don't live to work." Nothing is better than being able to detach from work completely and watch the clouds not thinking about some hustle you have to maintain and be only about. Life is much more than a thought or passé, slow down and you'll see that clearly. Experiences and opportunities to live will pass you by if your'e too busy racing to be ahead of a materialistic coated kingdom. Just sayin.

I've slowed down on what is posted here due to life clarity (mentioned above) and preserving the quality of content provided for you all, it's important to provide something that is worth all of our time and what fits into the WGM world. No this is not a blog where there are a million posts posted daily, it just isn't that type of site and I take pride in that. Follow if you feel and living it, there's always room for more Giants.

Real life is not a window with a red X... live it.

Enjoying Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra's "Ayodegi"

"A modern Afro-Fusion Ensemble" you say? It already sounded like something I would enjoy and for the most part I did, there was just one song that kept it from transcending me to that "place". This 10 man band called Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra presents a smooth mix of Nigerian Jazz, Afro-Beat, Funk and a sprinkle of French (The band is from France) to what could probably be a good soundtrack to an older spy movie. Overall it sounds great and tracks like 'Orient Express', 'Mamadou', 'Presentations' encapsulate the sounds of the past perfectly, but there was one I didn't care too much for and it was 'Fusion' because it came off as a slightly amateur sound in bass and guitar and couldn't fully get in to. Having only one track I don't really prefer over 10 is a winner for me, and having these vibrant sounds still being faithfully re-created in modern times is what I look forward to and keep searching for. I would recommend this album in the end to those in the endless search of Afro sounds and connect to rhythms from a different past, I for one can't get enough and only have a handful of artists that play this good using similar genres. Praise is always in order when in 2011 there are these groups or people that keep an old sound alive, it also can't an easy task to recreate the ambiance and emotion to which Fela Kuti and a few others spread in their time. Worth the purchase is the definite final call so head over to iTunes, Amazon or Discogs for vinyl and get funkin' to the beat.

Below you will find a teaser audio track and the band performing 'Mamdou' live under it, hope you all enjoy.

[youtube width="600" height="25"][/youtube]


DJ Serv1's Remix to Amy Winehouse's 'Back To Black'

The homie DJ Serv1 released this Amy Winehouse remix to 'Back to Black' track a few days ago. Sad to see another talented singer/artist go and soo young, let's all remember her the right way... who she was as an artist and a human who fought an arduous fight. Peace to Serv1 for the remix. Back To Black (Serv1 Remix Serato Sessions) by djserv1