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WGM: New York Comic Con Part 1

WGM hopped to NYC and went to the ridiculously awesome and addicting Comic Con then we snagged some dope pics on the toys front, it was the pre-show event so we got some good shots in before the floor was open to the general public. Here we got some upcoming Godzilla figures (S.H. Monsters) from Bandai, Gears of War figure and an awesome Locust Drone statue! Also some amazing shots from the new Batman Arkham City figures coming soon, yes i know... they are drool worthy.Stay turned as we got a lot coming up and even some video, let the craziness begin!!!



It's Comic Con Time!

It's that time again to get totally engulfed in comic, movies, and total uber-geekery folks! We will be attending NY Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday (family day so you might meet Lil Giant!), hope to see some of you Giants there! WGM along with theonecam, Venomous, Argonauts Resins and a few of the other homies will be in attendance as well.

A Moment In Family

So last weekend we threw a bridal shower for my niece, it came out great and everyone gave her many gifts. While I took photos I couldn't help but think how grown my nieces and nephews are now. I remember when this niece was a thirsty baby and how she used to yell "colate mayooon!!" (chocolate biberon) which translates to chocolate baby bottle haha! But times have changed and now she's is getting married... wow how time flies. Cheers to love, life and the family that my niece will go on and have.

Lost In Photo-tion Randomness

So I have a good while not posting photos here and want to change that. From now on I will be posting random shots that will consist of everyday life and curiosities which I come across. I will start off the first one with a few images taken via the celly (go feel my belly, cheese, eggs and Welches grape), they will primary consist of quick captures by phone or DLSR. They will probably turn out to be one or  two photos each posting... Short and simple photos. Enjoy and thanks for looking thru a Giant frame!