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Nixtamal's Healthy Dose of Cumbia Bass

As we all know I have a deep appreciation of Cumbia Bass and the preservation of the cultured sounds in present music, today lead me to perusing my messages and submissions in Soundcloud and out surfaced an artist by the name of Nixtamal from France. While Cumbia is one of the main and key ingredients in his sound, he also mixes in Dub, Reggae and any other good hefty bass ready for the picking. Peep the tracks and live DJ set he has below.

Almost Always 'Failed Utopia: The Trailer' & Singles

Almost Always is gearing up for 'Failed Utopia' to come out in July and have sent over their released singles package with trailer for the album. Loving the DIY attitude when it comes to this project, everything is done by them be it audio or video.  Download the singles if you haven't and check the trailer below.


Dice Beats Remix's Kanye's Mercy

The homie Dice took Kanye's Mercy track and Juked it out with some bass to get ya jumping. The song really shines when it kicks the slow tempo bouncy tropic feel. I don't usually post remixes (2 posts today alone haha) but when it reinvents the song it's worth it especially if it sounds like this. I just whipped up a quick cover for the track too... enjoy.

SlumGods in Khirkee Village

[youtube][/youtube] The B-Boys SlumGods were in Delhi keeping Hip-Hop going with the old school essence on the walls and floors in the event Extension Khirkee, also the homie Mandeep Sethi provided the soundscape (Rafi Lights) to the video above. It's amazing to see the similarities from a house jam Sedgwick Avenue to Delhi on the same plane, this is what's soo powerful about Hip-Hop... it knows no country lines. Keep spreading the music and showcasing the rest of the pillars of Hip-Hop in India homies!

GUTS Mashup of Los Yoyi and Arrested Development

Another great submission, this one comes from Spain via GUTS and a interesting mashup between cuban group Los Yuyi and Arrested Development. These are one of those weird gems I would've never thought to be just because of the nature of both groups, but glad that GUTS got to it. See below what he has to say on this track.

"Here, a mash-up that should have been present in my last " Pura-Mixtape 5 " but the CD's timing of 80 minutes does not permit it to me. It's a mix between one of the most amazing Cuban tracks, Grupo Los Yoyi "El Fino" and the timeless' track of Arrested Development "Fishin '4 Religion"

The Pura-Mixtape 5 :"