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WGM X Comic Con 2013

The images have already started to get posted on the Photos page! One of the best times of the year besides Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up, is a place where so much awesome is contained in what seems like a huge space. Tonight is media only then tomorrow is opened up to to the rest of the comic/cosplay/Videogame militia. Hope to see some of you there!

NYCC Beckons Us

Right on time and awesome as usual Comic Con is coming to NYC (Oct 10-13), the same yearly event is met with the same reaction... pure joy. When you speak about conferences it's barely met with this level of excitement or brings you to begin making (buy) lists. Oh glorious Comic Con we will see you soon, we shall buy, sway in the sea of people & carry swag that we will never use/put up. Can't wait to see fellow comic Folk there, if you're going let me know! Oh the cos-play... Can't forget that!

The Flaying Is Near

[youtube][/youtube]There are few things cinematically that can be as awesome as a 70's horror movie and The Flaying (El Bosque de los Sometidos) pays tribute to the look feel and tone of that era owned by Mario Brava and Dario Argento with a dash of American horror. Everything from the plot to the colors and concept presented screams bloody homage to the greats of that time. Kids on a road trip, illegal car races, the woods and an abandoned castle in Argentina while flashes of color splatter the screen and what the hell is that on his FACE?! Where is this going and why are they get getting picked off one by one? Who the hell knows but I'm watching this! It's great to see classic horror cinema given the treatment by the new school of directors and Latino film makers, let's you see that there are certain art forms that will always prevail. The movie was being made by PAF Producciones and ZepFilms, a group of highly talented young individuals in Argentina and will be premiering in Youtube on October 17, 2013.

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What's In A Name?

WIAN_WGMI ask this every time I see an artists submission email so it comes up quite often, sometimes it peaks my interest and sometimes I forcefully try to not roll my eyes. More importantly what's your reaction to a name if it use symbols ($,▲, †, etc.) as a substitution to a letter for stylized purposes? Ma$e is probably the first one I noticed years ago, I've always disliked the blatant focus of money in an artists vision and this didn't help. Nowadays you see all sorts of symbols, Wingdings and such on profiles to spell out their names, it ends up looking like a kid got to a symbol spelling kit and went nuts. Probably the importance in a name isn't as important as it was before and Prince changed certain things when it comes to symbols as names. The dollar sign is overhyped and overused in certain subcategories of Hip-Hop but now with artists not even spelling letters out, does it diminish the importance of the artists name? I believe it narrows the consumers perspective of the artist and pigeonholes them into a certain type of attitude or look. Never-mind the 2-3 worded names for indie rock bands, that I can stand if the music is good enough and usually have nothing to do with what the music actually sounds like. Those with the '$' symbols in their name however have puffs of cash signs billowing out of their music as it plays. Now you can see my reaction to a submission that has those kinds of names in BOLD capped red/green/whatever crazy font downloaded off 1001 Free Fonts.

I believe in presentation and vision greatly and when I see these symbols in music I tend to think this is a makeshift issue to gain popularity with 'the kids' or you just can't/didn't see beyond that. I would say to those wanting to have wordplay, think a bit more about the overall picture than a cash sign to encompass who you are as an artist, it comes off very unprofessional or amateur if the first thing you think of substituting an 'S' with is the '$' sign. Amirite or amiwrong?